Launched in 2012, GreenSchoolsConnect (GSC) is a national collaborative initiative powered by Earth Force working to make all school districts shining examples of sustainability. 

GreenSchoolsConnect is built on the premise that solving complex and challenging issues requires the expertise, experience, cooperative spirit, and perspectives of diverse sectors. 

 GreenSchoolsConnect leverages existing expertise in communities using Earth Force’s collaborative Youth Engagement Partnership model to:

conveneconnect, and foster “uncommon collaboratives” to collectively accelerate the implementation of sustainable practices in schools.

educateengage, and excite young people about science, math, engineering, technology and sustainability by actively including them in the process of creating and measuring the impacts of more efficient and healthier schools.

 For more information, or to join our efforts, please contact Elizabeth Groginsky ( or 720-272-3293)




Regional Launch Event GSC_Map

Year-long Collaboratory

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Regional Launch Event

A Regional Cohort of 65-80 participants, facilitated by Leith Sharp, Director of Executive Education for Sustainability Leadership at the Harvard School of Public Health, meet for a two-day Launch Event to  build relationships,  share knowledge and resources, to identify sustainability  projects, and develop action plans. The participation of cross-functional teams from school districts is critical, as successful implementation of sustainability policies and practices require the engagement of administrators, educators, students, parents, and other school staff including facility, nutrition and, transportation.  


Year-long Collaboratory

During the Launch, sustainability experts and practitioners from local corporate, non-profit, higher education, and government organizations join district teams to create an uncommon collaborative.


Together, participants create action plans and continue to interact and support each other’s efforts through planned Year Round Collaboratory activities:

Monthly action to drive projects forward.

Access to an evolving virtual binder of resources and a private social networking communication platform  to share and collaborate with cohort participants.

Bi-monthly webinars, and quarterly cohort gatherings to build momentum, gain new skills, and share best practices.

National, regional, and local cross-sector partner collaboration, mentoring, and coaching opportunities. 


District-wide student engagement and metrics platform.


K-12 Involvement:

K-12 school district team participation in GSC will: GSC_Launch

  • Realize operational savings and efficiencies
  • Create healthier school environments
  • Enhance student engagement and leadership opportunities
  • Receive ongoing collaboration and mentorship from cross-sector partners and support from other districts
  • Engage in professional learning and change leadership opportunities 



Corporate Sector Involvement:

  • Meet sustainability metrics and goals
  • Impact the future workforce  as students develop critical thinking and problem solving skills around energy efficiency, environmentally focused, and conservation minded policies and practices
  • Create lasting market impressions with students, parents, educators, and school district staff
  • Deepen relationships with school district leaders
  • Increase brand equity and advance Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals



Non-profit/Government Sector Involvement:

Higher education, nonprofit, and government organizations, participation in GSC will:

  • Access to a diverse network of schools and sustainability experts in other sectors and opportunities to solve problems together
  • Achieve sustainability and climate change metrics
  • Impact career and college readiness of students and enhance student leadership and engagement in sustainability.
  • Create research opportunities
  • Enhance market impressions by supporting sustainability and community engagement




Participant                  Engagement                                                                          Cost     


Individual                       Launch Event + Year Round Collaboratory Participation             $500 (non-profit, higher ed, municipal leadership)                       

School Districts              Launch Event + Year Round Collaboratory Participation             $3,000 per district (includes up to 10 team members)                     

Corporate                       Launch Event + Year Round Collaboratory Participation             $5,000 (includes participation by 2-3 staff)                                        


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