Launched in 2012, GreenSchoolsConnect (GSC) is a national collaborative initiative powered by Earth Force to accelerate a systemic approach to sustainability in school districts. GSC builds off Earth Force’s proven leadership in networking community partners, training local schools, and providing curricular resources to run service-learning and action civics programs in their community.

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GreenSchoolsConnect leverages existing expertise in communities using Earth Force’s collaborative Youth Engagement Partnership model to:

conveneconnect, and foster “uncommon collaboratives” among schools and school districts, higher education, private, non-profit, government, and other community-based organizations to collectively accelerate the implementation of sustainable practices in schools.

educateengage, and excite young people about science, math, engineering, technology and sustainability by actively including them in the process of creating and measuring the impacts of more efficient and healthier schools.


Overview of GreenSchoolsConnect

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The GreenSchoolsConnect program includes year-round collaborative activities around sustainability in schools including:

●  Regional Launch Events - School district teams, along with sustainability leaders from private, public, higher education, and non-profit sectors convene to foster a systemic approach to embedding green and sustainable practices in everything schools do. 

●    In-person, online, webcast, or webinar activities to facilitate project activity and track progress.

●    Peer to peer networking opportunities in topic areas such as facilities management, finance issues, and communication strategies.

●   Corporate sustainability professionals serve as coaches and mentors, sharing their experiences for embedding sustainability as a cross-functional activity

Through our uncommon collaboratives, stakeholders will:

●      Create a common agenda for sustainability in schools

●      Bring a systems-thinking perspective to district planning around sustainability

●      Build networks and identify uncommon collaboratives that can help build capacity

●      Strengthen the case for sustainability in schools


Corporate Involvement

Why Get Involved with GreenSchoolsConnect as a Corporation?

Your company’s involvement will advance the efforts of sustainability in schools and school districts. In addition, you will have the opportunity to:

●      Advance Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals through employee engagement

●      Align your brand with an audience of students, parents, educators, and school district staff

●      Connect the dots between corporate sustainability efforts and STEM education

●      Impact the workforce pipeline as students develop 21st Century Skills and environmental stewardship

●      Collaborate directly with school district leaders to advance systemic solutions to sustainability


How do I get involved? 

Corpoate Sponsors                                                                $5,000

(includes participation by 2-3 staff in the Launch)               (includes an two-day launch and access to a year long collaboratory)                                                                                                                      


K-12 Involvement

Why Get Involved with GreenSchoolsConnect as K-12?

Participation in this innovative approach to sustainability will allow districts and partners to collaborate over a 12-month period with local and national leaders in sustainability in order to achieve:

●      District operational cost savings and efficiencies

●      Healthy school environments

●      District-wide commitment to environmentally responsible behavior and skills

●      Leadership opportunities for students


How do I get involved?

School District team                                                                         $3,000

(up to 10 members)                                                                          (includes an two-day launch and access to a year long collaboratory)

Indivdual                                                                                          $500

(non-profit, higher ed, municipal leadership)                                  (includes an two-day launch and access to a year long collaboratory)



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